Classic Zelda Titles, Oracle of Ages & Seasons, Now Available on Nintendo Switch Online

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Nintendo Switch Online subscribers can now immerse themselves in nostalgia as The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages and Oracle of Seasons arrive on the platform. No need for an Expansion Pack subscription; these Game Boy Color classics are accessible to all Switch Online members with a simple app update.

Developed by Flagship and Capcom in collaboration with Nintendo, both games offer unique adventures set in the enchanting land of Hyrule. What’s even more exciting is that players can link up the two games for an enhanced gaming experience.

While originally released for the Game Boy Color, these titles were later brought to a wider audience outside of Japan when the Game Boy Advance was already in the gaming spotlight. Now, with their inclusion on Nintendo Switch Online, players old and new can relive the magic of these beloved Zelda titles. So, don your green tunic and embark on a grand quest once again!

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