Freddie Roach Predicts Terence Crawford’s Victory Over Errol Spence Jr.

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Trainer Freddie Roach, known for his expertise in the boxing world, is favoring Terence Crawford to come out victorious in his upcoming bout against unified welterweight champion Errol Spence Jr on July 29th. Roach’s decision is based on Crawford’s impressive counter-punching skills and aggressive style, which he believes will give the WBO welterweight champion (Crawford) an edge over IBF, WBA & WBC champion Spence.

In recent social media posts, Spence indicated his intention to move up to the junior middleweight division after his fight with Crawford. He stated, “After I smoke him, I’m going to move up to 154.” This announcement suggests that Spence may be considering bigger challenges at 154 pounds, including potential matchups against formidable opponents such as Tim Tszyu, Brian Castano, Sebastian Fundora, and Erickson Lubin. While it remains unclear if Spence will immediately move up after his bout with Crawford or after a potential second fight, it seems evident that he is ready to leave the 147-pound division behind.

Spence’s struggles to make weight for the Crawford fight have taken a toll on his physical condition, with Roach describing him as “skeletal” and resembling the Crypt Keeper from Tales from the Crypt. The process of draining down to 147 pounds has evidently impacted Spence, who is now 33 years old and has outgrown the welterweight division. Even if he moves up to 154 pounds, which is only a seven-pound difference, it may not be sufficient to accommodate his natural size.

Expressing his admiration for Crawford, Roach cited him as a friend and a skilled fighter. He commended Crawford’s strategic approach, mentioning his ability to seamlessly switch between southpaw and orthodox stances. While Roach’s support for his friend is evident, he also acknowledges that Spence may pose a significant challenge if he is not drained from the weight cut.

Roach concluded by acknowledging the tough journey Spence has had in the past year and reiterating his belief in Crawford’s abilities as one of the best fighters in the world today.

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